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To engaging deeper with the business environment, I have decided to become more active in this master degree program than the previous one. Passed from the first two laborious semesters, then I will be up against the new semester after this long holidays since July. Short conversations between me and my college friends, when we were dealt with our running program in every Wednesday at Saraga field, brought us to pluck up our courage to take part in a business case competition presented by PPM School of Management to increase our experiences beside to render the day-off time, until mid-August, fulfilled with productive activity. The team, which is consists of 3 members, Me, Maulana Angga Utama, and Muh. Insan Nasher, named as “Embrio” stands for ‘Employer Branding in Observation’.

In sum, the case, “Employer Branding PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk. The Largest Private Bank in Indonesia: The Challenge Ahead”, is talking about the BCA’s recent condition. Even though they were succeed to grab some prestigious awards like ‘The Best Bank in In Indonesia’ in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence (2014) but they have several problems to be repaired. Mostly, the problems are related to the human resource. First, from total 21.013 employees in 2013, the biggest percentage is the employees who >50 years old with 5.807 people. It appears that they really need more young workers with good competency and qualified with their standards. The fact, they were already considered about it but the result from universumglobal.com says that BCA only the 16th companies that most attract fresh graduates in Indonesia, below their rival in banking category, PT. Bank Mandiri,Tbk, who stands in the 11th position. Since the competition to hire the greatest talents is very tight, each corporate must to make sure that they are really capable to compete. Dealing with it, then BCA must deliver a good image on the potential applicants’ mind that they will provide them an excellent career path for their future, good facilities, and, the most important, flexible working environment which is not only concerned about work but balanced with some fun activities. In the reality, BCA is an amazingly fun place to work and employees are vibrant and satisfied. However, this is not clearly seen by the public’s eye.

The question is how should BCA obtain a large number of qualified talent pools through an effective Employer Branding strategy? It will be our assignment to solve it. Bismillah.

(to be continued)

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